Telecom Expense Management
Reduce Costs and Take Complete Control of Your Global Communication

Organizations struggle to understand what they own, why they own it, and who it belongs to. Disputes fall through the cracks regularly, and for some, validating rates, paying vendors on time, and creating valuable management reports - all while navigating global regulations - can feel all but impossible.

Mackk-Tangoe's Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services are a key offering within our Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) service suite. By delivering software and technology-enabled services from procurement to payment, global organizations can manage, understand, and control their fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.

Our complete telecom expense management services and solutions optimize every critical process within your communications environment. From taming the runaway costs of mobile technologies to working with carriers to ensure you receive market floor rates, Mackk-Tangoe’s expertise will transform your Indian or global communications infrastructure enhanced TEM Capabilities.

TEM Capabilities


• Dramatically reduce costs by 20-40%
• Administer and support all aspects of billing
• Centralize tracking of all products, rates, and activities
• Manage services and devices end-to-end

Invoice Management

It’s no surprise that more than 50 percent of large organizations don’t know their exact communications spend. Monthly fixed and mobile telecom invoices are detailed, complex and, for some Fortune 500 companies, over 100 pages in length. Manual processing of telecom invoices has become virtually impossible for many organizations, with the average mid-market enterprise receiving more than 300 invoices per month. The intricacies of ever-changing inventory, hundreds of thousands of rate plans, and complex terms and conditions result in invoices that are “rubber stamped,” or incur penalties due to late payment.

Invoice Management capabilities include:

  • Invoice acquisition
  • Invoice loading
  • Invoice tracking
  • Invoice allocations
  • Invoice approvals
  • Integrate to AP and GL systems
  • Cost Allocations
  • Invoice Payment Configuration

Inventory Management

Managing the day-to-day of an organization’s fixed and mobile communications inventory is like trying to hit a moving target in the middle of a hurricane. Inventory is in a perpetual state of flux, with new orders and moves, adds, changes, and disconnects (MACD) to existing inventory continually changing the landscape, making it a challenge to stay accurate and tie expenses back to the appropriate cost centers or users.

Over thirty different types of telecom inventory equipment and services can be tracked, (including lines, trunks, circuits, mobile phones, PDAs, calling cards, air cards, ATM, MPLS, rings, routers, etc.)

Inventory Management provides:

  • A single, enterprise-wide repository of inventory by contact, cost center, entity, and employee
  • Automatic tracking of changes to each attribute (profiles, products, rates, monthly activities)
  • Alerts for under/non-utilized inventory, products, and services
  • Better planning and management of company-wide products and services
  • Easy access to information through reports that allow users to quickly view inventory and relationships

Reporting & Analytics

Inside of Tangoe’s suite of managed services, organizations have access to a powerful reporting engine and complete library of operational and business intelligence reports. All reports offer comprehensive features and functionality coupled with multiple presentation layers and secure delivery.

Users can render data in other reporting tools and/or save, view, print, or export their results in formats including Word, Excel, RTF, PDF, and RPT files.

In addition, specific reports based on the clients’ level of service, are delivered to the client on a monthly basis.

The following is a partial list of available reports:

  • Exceptions & variances
  • Assurance alert summary
  • Inventory by location(s)
  • Casual billing
  • Spend and usage
  • Account level spends
  • Monthly spend by products
  • Monthly spend by call types
  • Carrier spend summary
  • Vendor scorecards
  • Invoice reports
  • Allocation reports
  • Cost center reports

Audit & Assurance Management

Audit Management services include the automation and continuous auditing of contractual communications commitments (rates and terms), billing, service inventory accuracy, market factors, spend and trend variances, utilization, and communication service configurations.


The management of communications ordering and inventory processes are a crucial first step in the lifecycle of an organization’s communications environment. A streamlined process for centrally managing procurement of all fixed and mobile devices and services is essential to eliminating unnecessary costs, enforcing corporate policy, and planning effectively for organizational growth

Call Rebilling

Tangoe’s Call Rebilling services provides clients with enhanced management and control of their technology costs across all services and facilities, giving them the ability to deliver totally integrated billing and chargebacks.

Tangoe clients can monitor and control usage-related and infrastructure costs, and render accurate financial reporting and distributing information for chargeback purposes.

Clients can seamlessly collect and present allocated usage-sensitive services including:

  • PBX, Centrex, VOIP call detail
  • IP, RAS usage
  • Private line
  • Cellular, pager services
  • Equipment
  • Call cards
  • Service order activity

Rate Plan Optimization

The best way for an organization to make certain that their mobile services are properly aligned with their business needs (and that the company isn’t over paying on their services) is to regularly monitor their contracted rate plans to ensure parity.

Tangoe's Mobile Rate Plan Optimization services take full advantage of our patented technologies in order to regularly test our clients' mobile user base for best plan fit on a monthly basis to minimize wireless spending.

Direct Bill Payment

Streamline the Payment Process, Eliminate Late Fees and Service Interruptions

Third party bill payment is becoming ever more attractive to large organizations with complex communications infrastructures. Tangoe’s Direct Bill Payment service unifies the process of bill receipt through bill payment while reducing burden on your staff -- without reducing control. With Direct Bill Payment, Tangoe acts on an organization’s behalf to pay carriers directly. Clients benefit from expedited payments and avoid late payment fees and service interruptions for missed or delayed payments.

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